Hampton Roads Sports Media Hall of Fame


In July of 2017, Greg Bicouvaris, owner of GJB Productions & Marketing and a TV/Radio Host/Announcer and Network Television Stage Manager, along with Chuck Hall, Langley Speedway Promoter, founded the Hampton Roads Sports Media Hall of Fame.

This is a signature event in Southeastern Virginia honoring: Broadcast, Public Relations, and Print Professionals from the sports world. Five Media Members will be honored annually at a Langley Speedway Race in Hampton, Virginia. In order to be selected, each Media Member has to have worked at least five years at a respective media organization in the greater Hampton Roads Area and been a positive member of the Community they live in.

The Board of HRSMHOF will announce the winners each November. Each recipient will be given a keepsake and Langley Speedway will be the facility that hosts the ceremony each year and a perpetual of all the recipients will be at Langley Speedway. HRSMHOF is an independent group of Board Members and Media Consultants and chose Langley Speedway for this showcase experience to honor the media. The Board has a list of Media Members on the ballot each year and votes on who the five honorees will be. Thank you for visiting this website.